Photos from the Grand Princess cruise

November 21 - 28, 1999

Note: These pictures have been arranged in chronological order.

Judy (Hunter) Weaver getting ready to tee off on the 9 hole miniature golf course, deck 15 amidship.


Andy getting ready to tee off on the 9 hole miniature golf course.


Judy and Andy posing for a picture after playing miniature golf.
Note: This view is towards the stern of the ship.


A view of one of the four pools.
This one is just forward of the miniature golf course on deck 15, looking towards the bow.


Andy watching the sunset (and the moon rise behind him) from our mini-suite balcony on deck 9.


Kevin and Judy (on formal night) in the Wheelhouse Lounge by an old brass ship's wheel.


Ken and Andy (on formal night) in front of an old ship's compass in the Wheelhouse Lounge.


Everyone relaxing in the Wheelhouse Lounge before being seating in our dining room for dinner.


This was shot at our permanent table (#158) in the DaVinci dining room with Dan and Tina from Chicago.
They were assigned to our table to use up the remaining two seats.


Ken, upon leaving the DaVinci dining room, poses in front of a print of the Mona Lisa.
Other paint replicas by Leonardo DaVinci were on the walls throughout the dining room.


Ken enjoying a morning cup of coffee (served by our butler) on the balcony!


A view of the cruise ships docked at Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.
This view is from behind the city of Charlotte Amalie, looking southeast towards the bay.
The passenger ship anchored out beyond the harbor is the Norway, originally named the France back in the mid 1950's.


A zoomed-in view of the ships.   The Grand Princess is the ship on the left.
The middle one is Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas, and the other one is from Premiere Cruise Line.


This view is from the tallest mountain top on St. Thomas, looking northeast to Megan's Bay and beyond to Drake's Passage.
Mahogany Run Golf Course is to the right of Megan's Bay.


Another view from the 1,500 foot mountain top, this time looking more due north.
This bay is where Sir Francis Drake hid his ships.
Megan's Bay was ranked as one of the Top 10 beaches in the world by the National Geographic Society!


Andy and Judy (with the Norway behind them) looking from the 700 foot high Tramway overlook.


Another view of the harbor (with Charlotte Amalie in the background) from the Tramway overlook.
This is a "classic" postcard view.


Ken standing in front of the massive bow of the Grand Princess.


This is a photograph taken during the helicopter flight Andy and Ken took.
It shows the Marriott Resort, which is northeast of the harbor on St. Thomas.
We are headed to St. John's Island, due east of St. Thomas.


This shot is of St. John's in the U.S. Virgin Islands.   75% of the island is a U.S. National Park.
Cruz Bay on the right, is the largest town on St. John's.


Flying over Megan's Bay and Mahogany Run Golf Course on our way back to Charlotte Amalie.


Another view of the long, rectangular Megan's Bay.


Flying over the ridge of mountains headed towards our helicopter landing in Charlotte Amalie.


This is the helicopter we flew in.   The flight duration was around 30 minutes.   Wow, what an experience!



Photographs of the famous clock tower on the University of Puerto Rico, San Juan campus.


Ken standing on the approach to El Morro, the primary fort at San Juan, Puerto Rico.
It is maintained and operated as a tourist attraction by the U.S. National Parks Service.
Since we were visiting on Thanksgiving day, it was closed for tours.


A view of Old San Juan.   Despite the holiday, stores and merchants were open to sell items to tourists!


Beginning to leave the San Juan harbor, with Old San Juan in view.
The other cruise ship was Holland-America Line's MAASDAM.


Another view of Old San Juan as we leave the harbor.


The view from deck 15 looking starboard towards the old fort, El Morro.   Andy and Judy enjoying the view!
Note the foreign tanker which had run aground by the fort.   It was being pushed by a tugboat.


A closer view of El Morro.   Note how the sunset is coloring the fort's walls.


Now we've just cleared the harbor and are looking back at the stuck tanker, the fort El Morro, and Old San Juan.
This view is to the southeast over the starboard side of the ship.   Note that the lighthouse really works!


Turning and looking southwest over the ship's port side.
From this viewpoint, we see a power plant and the Bacardi Rum plant in the background.


This is a zoomed-in view.   The Bacardi plant is on the left and the power plant on the right.


Looking straight back (aft) at the San Juan harbor.
The miniature golf course is inside that round area ahead of the smokestacks, but open to the sky.


Now looking straight forward (from the same place on deck 15) towards the bow of the ship.
Note the seaman climbing the ladder to get to the area where he can pull down the flags.
The lap pool and basketball court are in the center of the photograph.


A zoomed-in photograph showing the seaman lowering the flags at sunset.   It was windy that day!


A group photo of those at our table, plus the staff.
Back row: Andy, Ken, Assistant Waiter Santiago (from the Phillipines),
Head Waiter Pasquale (from Italy), Waiter Reynold (from the Phillipines), and Dan
Front row: Judy, Kevin and Tina


Our fun day in the sun on Princess Cays, Eleuthera Island, in the Bahamas.
Andy beginning to slide off of the waverunner while a gentleman holds it steady.


Ken coming in from his 15 to 20 minutes on the waverunner!
The Grand Princess is in the background.   It's draft is 28 feet below the waterline.