Around the World in 80 Days

Company picture

[L to R] Bill Taylor as Jean Passepartout, Cindy Collins as Mrs. Myra Fix and Andrew Glendening as Mr. Fix

The gentlemen at the club having a card game and planning the wager.
[L to R] Scott Filbey as Mr. Thomas Flanagan, Brian Harvey as Mr. Andrew Stuart, Mark Racop as Mr.Phileas Fogg and Steve Busch as Mr. Gauthier Ralph.

[L to R] Chris Peters and Ruth Kaufman as onstage "Stage Managers" who help explain transitions to the audience.

[L to R] Dani Seybold applies body makeup to Bret Schaffner who plays Framji in the scenes in India. Cast member Jonie Kelly looks on.

Director Ken Fraza goes over notes with the cast in the Green Room.

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