Damn Yankees

1997 Winter Fantasy

Pre-show preset (no main curtain was used).

The first production number, "Six Months Out of Every Year".

Joe Boyd (Drew Richey) exclaiming, "You're out!" in the opening song.

In the corridor just outside the locker room. The coach talks to Joe Hardy about his potential and skills while Mr. Applegate (Aaron Smith) and the reporter Gloria Thorpe (Brooke Bowditch) look on.

Mr. Applegate brags about his "find", Joe Hardy, while Coach Van Buren (Jeremy Hall) & the guys in the dugout look out to the field and are amazed by Joe's tremendous hitting ability.

"Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, MO" sung by Gloria and the players on the Washington Senators baseball team.

Ending position for "Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, MO".

The locker room for the Washington Senators.

Mr. Applegate and Joe Hardy talk in Mrs. Welsh's office.

Lola (Allyson Corn) talks to Joe Hardy at a pep rally for him.

Mr. Applegate lectures Lola in his apartment.

Mr. Applegate in his big solo "The Good Old Days" on the runway out into the theater.

The flame pyrotechnics on the last note of Mr. Applegate's reprise.

Meg Boyd (Jana Montgomery) and Joe Hardy meet in a park and sing a duet, .

At the night club where Joe Hardy and Lola relax at a table (down-left/house right).

Luke Albrecht as the ticket seller just outside the Washington Senators' ball park.

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