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Technical Specifications:

Americans with Disabilities Act

In 1993 an architectural survey was done to assess what changes were needed to bring us up to Federal compliance. Most of these recommendations were acted upon during the summer of 1994.
These included;

A Sennheiser infrared hearing assistance system was installed in July 1996 with 18 listening devices. Infrared receivers may be checked out at the Box Office.

Note: The names with "hot links" below have biographies and/or e-mail addresses attached.

McHale Auditorium Staff

Auditorium Manager - Mr. Ken Fraza
Assistant Auditorium Manager - Mr. Jeff Davis
Box Office Secretary - Mrs. Diana Mordenti
Master Electrician - Patrick Chomko
Assistant Master Electrician -
Sound Engineer - Ben Moore
Assistant Sound Engineer -
Shop Supervisor - Michael Richardson
Assistant Shop Supervisor -
Rigging Flyman - Missy Bolinger
Assistant Rigging Flyman -
Follow Spot Coordinator - Eric Adkins
Assistant Follow Spot Coordinator - Savanna Fisher
Technical Assistants - Andy Fultz, Kyle Albright, and Henry Huynh
Technical Apprentice - Samuel N. Rivard
Custodian - Mr. Gordy Hamilton

LHS faculty Student Productions committee

Director of Dramatics - Ms. Ann Lines
Choral Director & Vocal Coach - Miss Janie Hornung
Set Designer & Technical Director - Mr. Jeff Davis
Lighting Designer & Printed Program Editor - Mr. Ken Fraza
Choreographer - Mrs. Pat Buchanan
Pit Band Director - Mr. Joe Peloza
Assistant Technical Director - Mr. Carl Binney

Former student Technicians who have E-Mail addresses

NamePosition and YearsE-Mail Address &
home page (URL)
Luke Albrecht
Co-Master Electrician '97-'99

URL: Luke's old page at McHale
Zach Applebee
Technical Assistant '96-'99

URL: Zach's old page at McHale
Scott A. Baumgardner
Lighting Coordinator '84-'86      
Jim "Kirk" Bibby II
Scene Shop Supervisor '99-'01

URL: Jim's old page at McHale
Kelly Bonhomme
Shop Supervisor & Rigging Flyman '85-'87
Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
David Brigance
Technical Assistant '98-'00

URL: Dave's old page at McHale
Christopher Brink
Rigging Flyman '97-'99

URL: Christopher's web page at McHale
Ryan J. Buck
Technical Assistant '91-'94

URL: www.RyanBuck.Com
Paul J. Burrous
Sound Engineer '91-'94      

URL: Pubik Hare's web page
T.J. Carson
Sound Engineer '95-96

URL: T.J.'s old page at McHale
URL: Monkey House Entertainment (GeoCities)
Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
Brendon P. Cassidy
Sound Engineer '88-'90

URL: bpc music home page
Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
Andrew W. Corn
Master Electrician '95-'97

URL: Andrew's revised web page at McHale
Photo courtesy T.J. Smith Photography
Aaron "Gus" Dahman
Technical Assistant '96-'98

URL: Gus' old page at McHale
Devin Dahman
Technical Assistant '98-'01

URL: Devin's old page at McHale
Patrick C. Deak
Audio Coordinator '86-'88
G. Cyle Dibble
Audio Coordinator '84-'86      
Rick Dunkin
Shop Supervisor '93-'94
C. Dru Fisher
Sound Engineer '76-'77
Lori Goodrich
Rigging Flyman '99-'01

URL: Lori's old page at McHale
Chris Haas
Sound Engineer '99-'01      
Darren V. Hochstedler
Lighting Coordinator '83-'85
Emily Hoover
Technical Assistant '98-'99
No current e-mail address.

URL: Emily's old web page at McHale
Milford C. Hutsell III
Shop Supervisor & Rigging Flyman '83-'85

Daniel W. Jones
Co-Master Electrician '93-'94
Tim Kiesling
Technical Assistant '90-'92      
Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
Justin R. Kirkwood
Co-Sound Engineer '96-'98

URL: Justin's old page at McHale
John D. Klein
Follow Spot Coordinator & Lighting Technician '82-'86

URL: John's web site for Logansport
Zachary A. Klinck
Technical Assistant '89-'91
Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
Robyn Kline
Co-Lighting Coordinator '83-'84
Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
Ty Maloy
Shop Supervisor '97-'99

URL: Ty's old page at McHale
Mike Marchal
Shop Supervisor & Rigging Flyman '91-'93
Christopher D. Miller
Technical Assistant '86-'88
Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
Drew N. Miller
actor and sometimes stage hand '88-'91
Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
Martin Monahan
Sound Engineer '98-'00      

URL: Martin's old page at McHale
URL: Martin's NEW page at Ball State Univ.
Scott L. Moon
Stage Manager, Lighting Technician & Shop Carpenter '77-'79
Scott with Luciano Pavarotti
Troy Moon
Co-Lighting Coordinator '83-'84

URL: Troy's wedding pictures (10/2/99)
Bill Morrow
Audio Master Electrician '78-'80

Nathan Needham
Assistant Audio Coordinator 1999
David Perrone
Co-Master Electrician '97-'99

URL: David's old page at McHale
Chris Pomasl
Master Electrician '80-'82
Hepsey Shipman
Follow Spot Coordinator '97-'99

URL: Hepsey's old page at McHale
David W. Skelton
Lighting Coordinator '76-'77      
Mike Skelton
Lighting Coordinator '78-'80
Aaron W. Smith
Co-Sound Engineer '97-'98

URL: Aaron's old page at McHale
URL: Aaron's page at Ball State Univ.
Jacob Spence
Shop Supervisor & Rigging Flyman '95-'97

URL: Jacob's old page at McHale
Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
C. David Tolson
Master Electrician '99-'01

URL: David's old page at McHale
Scott Workman
Lighting Technician/Stage Hand '89-'92

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