Ken's trip to Japan in May 2001

Keio Plaza Inter-Continental Hotel near Shinjuku train station.


The view looking southeast from the Keio Plaza Hotel - day & night.

Starbucks was just two blocks east of the hotel!

Almost every restaurant has a display case showing the food served.
This was very helpful when the menu wasn't in English!

A national park just north of the Imperial Gardens.

The moat around the Imperial Gardens east entrance.

The view of the gardens entrance from a high point.

A model of the Imperial Palace in the visitor's center.

Note the use of a chain instead of a downspout for rain run-off from the roof!

Scott Moon and Ken standing in front of the main eastern gate.


The first and second gates with housing for Samuri guards.

The third and final gate for the Shogun's finest Samuri's.

Across the grassy mall is the pedestal (see photo below).

This pedestal/base held up the Shogun's residence which burnt down.

Scott standing in front of some sort of flowering tree.


Flowers and more flowers.....


Trees... and more trees! Note how they are skillfully trimmed like topiary.

Small waterfall

Pond (fed by the small waterfall) with water lilies and Koi fish.

Beautiful flowering hedge-row.


Many, many varieties of orchids.


Ornamental lightposts - probably gifts from foreign countries.


The famous Ginza shopping district.

Note the use of English and Japanese text mixed on the same billboard.

While it was raining and sleeting, Scott took this picture of Ken in front of the 2,400 meters (7,880 feet) sign at the end of the road. Mt. Fuji is obscured by clouds behind me in the photo.


As the clouds began to lift, I shot two photos of Mount Fuji.

The 121 ton bronze Great Buddha at Kamakura.


Temple at Hase-dera. Note the ceremonial bell on the right.


Old cemetary and flower gardens at Hase-dera.

Backstage at NHK Hall in Tokyo are Metropolitan Opera stage managers Gary Deitrich, Ray Menard and Scott Moon.

Ken backstage interviewing The Met's Lighting Designer Wayne Chouinard for a story in the USITT Midwest Section journal, Design and Production Review.


Kanagawa Kenmin Hall in Yokohama that looks out over the seaport harbor and the bay bridge.

Ken in front of a poster advertising The Met's performances in Japan sponsored by Japan Arts and KDDI.

Plácido Domingo makes remarks at the reception in honor of his 3,000th opera performance. James Levine is seated in the foreground and John Volpe is standing to the left of the cake.

Ken with Plácido Domingo at the reception.

Yummy! Fresh seafood Sushi!
[Note that Ken is actually using chop sticks!]