Biography: Jacob Spence

Nicknames: Jake, "master blaster" or "monkey boy"
Graduated - June 1, 1997
Curriculum: College Prep.
Clubs and Activities: Marching Band, Drama Club, Thespian Troupe 1577, delegate to 4 Indiana Thespians State conferences - '94, '95, '96 & '97, member of Crosswind United Methodist Church Youth Group
Future plans: attend college at Purdue University in Sound Design followed (maybe...) by Full Sail Recording School in Florida
Favorite hobby: snow skiing (in the winter) and cruisin' around in his mother's Chrysler LeBaron convertible (in the summer... of course!)

Note: Click on my picture to see an expanded version!

(Photograph courtesy Rich Voorhees; Voorhees Studio, Logansport)

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