Biography: Martin Monahan

Click here for a photo of Martin at our old Hill J3 mixing console

Nickname: "The Professor"

Class: Graduated on May 28, 2000

Curriculum: College Prep.

Clubs: Drama Club, Thespians (Treasurer), Speech team, McHale Tech Staff, and LoganLine television taping

Exciting Experience: Playing the lead role of Curly in our musical, Oklahoma! Click here to jump to their home page

Future plans: Go to Ball State University and learn stuff.

Favorite classes: English (writing) and Art

Hobbies: Playing guitar and listening to music.

Favorite color/flavor: Orange

Favorite music: Industrial/Goth/Punk/Metal

Favorite band: Joy Division

Pets: 1 (stinky) Schnauzer and 1 cat


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