Our Town

February 1978


Michael Mandell as the Stage Manager


Mrs. Myrtle Gibbs (Amy Justice) and Mrs. Julia Webb (Michelle Samuels) snapping green beans and talking about life...


The Stage Manager hears a report from Prof. Willard (Brooks Tolbert) about the demographics of Grovers Corners.


George Gibbs (Keith Delaplane) and Emily Webb (Lori Davidson) talk on their way home from school.


Emily asks her mother, Mrs. Webb, for advice.


Dr. Frank Gibbs (Bill Stephenson) waits in the kitchen for his wife to return from weekly church choir practice.


Mrs. Gibbs, Louella Soames (Janet Saunders) and Mrs. Webb talk about the condition of the choir director Simon Stimson on their way home from practice.


Once the ladies leave, Doc Gibbs comes out and tells his wife to come in due to the cold night air.


Emily does her homework by the window so she can ask George for help.


Rebecca (Terri Smith) tells her brother George about the lengthy return address on an envelope.


George and Emily have a very serious conversation at the soda shop.
Note the stage manager in the background.


Three friends of George who play baseball tease him about getting married, but the stage manager intervenes!


As George is having second thoughts about getting married, his mother Mrs. Gibbs comes over to allay his fears.


So too Emily has fears about marriage, fears she shares with her father, newspaper editor Mr. Charles Webb (Adam Crowe).


George promises to take care of Emily as her father is ready to give her away in the wedding ceremony.


The Stage Manager serves as the preacher in the wedding ceremony as Louella Soames comments on what a lovely ceremony it is!


The Stage Manager sets the scene for Act III in the cemetary... who died when, and from what, etc.


On a rainy afternoon with four pallbearers around her, Emily approaches the cemetary and the spot reserved for her.