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Former Technicians and Staff members who have E-Mail addresses

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NamePosition and YearsE-Mail Address &
home page (URL)
Brandon L. Adair
Lighting Coordinator 1989-91
David C. Adair
Audio Coordinator 1990-92
Eric Adkins
Master Electrician 2001-03
Luke Albrecht
Co-Master Electrician 1997-99

URL:  Luke's old page at McHale
Kyle Albright
Technical Assistant & Stage Manager 2000-02

URL:  Kyle's old page at McHale
Zach Applebee
Technical Assistant 1996-99

URL:  Zach's old page at McHale
Chris Babcock
Follow Spot Coordinator & Video Director 2007-09      
Jason Baker
Video & Lighting Technician 2003-06
Michael Balensiefer
Scene Shop Carpenter & Assistant Stage Manager 2001-04
Scott A. Baumgardner
Lighting Coordinator 1984-86
Derek Bever
Technical Assistant 2003-05

URL:  Derek's old page at McHale
Jim "Kirk" Bibby II
Scene Shop Supervisor 1999-2001

URL:  Jim's old page at McHale
Gretchen Binney
Follow Spot Coordinator 1990-92      
Mary (Blair) Byrne
Audio Technician 1979-81
Could be out of date...
Kelly Bonhomme
Shop Supervisor & Rigging Flyman 1985-87
Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
Mike Bonhomme
Lighting Coordinator 1987-89
David Brigance
Technical Assistant 1998-2000      

URL:  Dave's old page at McHale
Christopher Brink
Rigging Flyman, Shop Carpenter & Lighting Technician 1997-99
Ryan J. Buck
Technical Assistant 1991-94

URL:  www.RyanBuck.Com
Sergio Bueno
Scene Shop Supervisor 2003-05

URL:  Sergio's old page at McHale
Paul J. Burrous
Sound Engineer 1991-94

URL:  Pubik Hare's web page
T.J. Carson
Sound Engineer 1995-96

URL:  T.J.'s old page at McHale
Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
Brendon P. Cassidy
Sound Engineer 1988-90

Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
Patrick Chomko
Master Electrician 2000-02

URL:  Patrick's old page at McHale
Andrew W. Corn
Master Electrician 1995-97      
Mary Jo Corso
Stage Hand 1980-83
Aaron "Gus" Dahman
Technical Assistant 1996-98
No current e-mail address.

URL:  Gus' old page at McHale
Christa Dahman
Technical Assistant 2003-2005
Devin Dahman
Technical Assistant 1998-2001

URL:  Devin's old page at McHale
Jeff Davis
Designer & Technical Director 1996-2007      

URL:  Jeff's old page at McHale
Patrick C. Deák
Audio Coordinator 1986-88      
G. Cyle Dibble
Audio Coordinator 1984-86
Rick Dunkin
Scene Shop Supervisor 1993-94
Ryan Edwards
Technical Assistant 1990-93
Greg Elvers
Co-Lighting Coordinator 1978-81
URL:  Greg's web page at the Univ. of Dayton
John Fawcett
Sound Engineer 2003-05
Jon Fettig
Master Electrician 2006-09      
C. Dru Fisher
Sound Engineer 1976-77      
Andy Fultz
Technical Assistant 2000-02

URL:  Andy's old McHale web page
Chris Haas
Sound Engineer & Video Engineer 2000-03
Steffie Hardesty-Frame
Sound Engineer 2002-04      
Lori (Goodrich) Tanis
Rigging Flyman 1999-2001
Izzy Harding
Sound Engineer 2004-06      

URL:  Izzy's web page at MySapce.Com
Darren V. Hochstedler
Lighting Coordinator 1983-85
John Hopper
Audio & Lighting Technician 1977-80
Josh Hunnicutt
Follow Spot Coordinator 2003-05

URL:  Josh's old page at McHale
Milford C. Hutsell III
Shop Supervisor & Rigging Flyman 1983-85      

Van Huynh
Scene Shop Supervisor 2004-06

URL: Van's old web page at McHale
Michael K. James
Shop Supervisor 1985-87
Sean Johnson
Designer & Technical Director 1994-96
Daniel W. Jones
Co-Master Electrician 1993-94
Tim Kiesling
Technical Assistant 1990-92      
Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
Derek Kingery
Assistant Rigging Flyman & Shop Carpenter 2008-09      
Justin R. Kirkwood
Co-Sound Engineer 1996-98      

URL: Justin's old page at McHale
John D. Klein
Follow Spot Coordinator & Lighting Technician 1982-86

URL:  John's web site for Logansport
Zachary A. Klinck
Technical Assistant 1989-91
Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
Robyn Kline
Co-Lighting Coordinator 1983-84
Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
Becky Leazenby
Shop Carpenter 1980-83
No current e-mail address.
Gina (Linback) Caroway
Rigging & Stage crew member
Ty Maloy
Scene Shop Supervisor 1997-99

URL:  Ty's old page at McHale
Mike Marchal
Shop Supervisor & Rigging Flyman 1991-93
Nate Martin
Master Electrician 2005-07
Christopher D. Miller
Technical Assistant 1986-88
Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
Drew N. Miller
actor and sometimes stage hand 1988-91
Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
Austin Mills
Lighting Technician & Follow Spot Operator 2006-09      
Martin Monahan
Sound Engineer 1998-2000

URL:  Martin's old page at McHale
URL:  Martin's old web page at Ball State Univ.
Scott L. Moon
Stage Manager, Lighting Technician & Shop Carpenter 1977-79
Scott with Luciano Pavarotti
Troy Moon
Co-Lighting Coordinator 1983-84
E-Mail currently unavailable

URL:  Troy's family web page
Ben Moore
Sound Engineer 2001-03

URL:  Ben's old page at McHale
Bill Morrow
Audio Master Electrician 1978-80      
David Perrone
Co-Master Electrician 1997-99
Could be out of date...

URL:  David's old page at McHale
Scott Phillips
Lighting Technician 1980-82
Chris Pomasl
Lighting Coordinator 1980-82
Brandon Rance
Rigging Flyman 2003-05

URL:  Brandon's old web page at McHale
Samuel Rivard
Master Electrician 2003-05

URL:  Sam's old web page at McHale
Tony Sandi
Lighting & Audio Technician 1979-82
Bret Schaffner
Lighting Technician 1981-83
Hepsey Shipman
Follow Spot Coordinator 1997-99

URL:  Hepsey's old page at McHale
Heath Shively
Follow Spot & Lighting Technician 2003-07
David W. Skelton
Lighting Coordinator 1976-77
Mike Skelton
Co-Lighting Coordinator 1978-80
Aaron W. Smith
Co-Sound Engineer 1997-98

URL:  Aaron's old page at McHale
Nancy (Snyder) Sato
Lighting & Audio Technician 1980-83
Yonda Snyder
Stage Manager & Lighting Technician 1979-82
Jacob Spence
Shop Supervisor & Rigging Flyman 1995-97

URL:  Jacob's old page at McHale
Photo courtesy Voorhees Studio
Julie (Stringfellow) Scott
Lighting Technician & Follow Spot Operator 1980-83
Stan Szewczyk
Shop Supervisor & Rigging Flyman 1980-82
C. David Tolson
Master Electrician 1999-2001

URL:  David's old page at McHale
Bob Vernon
Set Construction Foreman for the 1978 Winter Fantasy production of Oliver!
Kevin J. Weaver
Set Construction Supervisor 1981-84
Scott Workman
Lighting Technician & Stage Hand 1989-1992

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