The Lands of John Knox tour

Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church Choir

June 16 - 26, 2005

Send-off Concert at the Church: June 12, 2005

Photo of the choir in performance: 86 KB

Handbells choir in performance: 80 KB
digital photos courtesy Jim Courtwright

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3D Animated Flags--By

Ken Fraza's photosJim Courtwright's photos

229 KB
On our way from Glasgow to Edinburgh by motor coach.

360 KB
Someone famous once lived here...

254 KB
The Palace of Holyroodhouse at the end of the Royal Mile.

305 KB
The new Scottish Parliament: exterior.

425 KB
The new Scottish Parliament: interior.

386 KB
Martha Stoner and Martha Brown practicing inside St. Giles Cathedral.

378 KB
The front of our Ramada Mount Royal hotel in Edinburgh.

310 KB
The approach to Edinburgh Castle.

328 KB
Note the security guards in plaid trousers and a kilt at the entrance to Edinburgh Castle.

289 KB
Looking out east to the city and the ocean.

275 KB
Ken at one of the old cannons on the north side of the castle.

317 KB
LeRoy at the approach to the highest part of the castle.

332 KB
Another view looking east towards New Town and the Firth.

349 KB
The round tower portion of Edinburgh Castle.

342 KB
The upper courtyard with the war memorial chapel in the background.

192 KB
A typical Royal Post mail box.

369 KB
Ken at the entrance with multiple gates.

390 KB
A shot of the nave in St. Giles Cathedral.

387 KB
A side view of the altar at St. Giles Cathedral.

385 KB
One of the side areas in St. Giles Cathedral.

366 KB
Close-up of the altar at St. Giles Cathedral.

300 KB
Exterior view of St. Giles showing all the renovation scaffolding.

302 KB
Exterior view of St. Giles showing all the renovation scaffolding.

320 KB
Pastor Jim Rand outside a shop across the street from St. Giles Cathedral.

324 KB
Ken holding an international edition of USA TODAY while standing across the street from St. Giles Cathedral.

302 KB
We came across this street band with large drums and a bagpiper. Note the lad selling copies of their music on CDs!

367 KB
Another photo of the same group.  (Jim Rand bought one of their CDs!)

376 KB
A view looking down the Royal Mile towards Holyrood Palace with the John Knox house on the left.

372 KB
A close-up view of the John Knox house.

Ken Fraza's photosJim Courtwright's photos

278 KB
The exterior of St. John's Kirk.

233 KB
Another shot from the same angle.

379 KB
The interior of the nave at St. John's Kirk.

374 KB
A closer view showing the chancel area of St. John's Kirk with the small chapel past the choir screen.

St. Andrews
Ken Fraza's photosJim Courtwright's photos

213 KB
St. Andrews the Old Course.  Note the bleachers being set up for the British Open.

246 KB
A side view of the club house.  Note the ocean behind.

259 KB
A similar view with Ken in the foreground and the gift shop to the right.

305 KB
Ken at a flag they've placed there for visitors to get a "Kodak moment" with the famous club house behind him.

299 KB
The approach to the ruins of St. Andrews Castle.

285 KB
The interior courtyard of St. Andrews Castle looking out over the ocean.

281 KB
Another view from the castle ruins.

274 KB
A view from the castle ruins looking southeast to the ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral.

249 KB
An old church tower with the cathedral ruins to the right.

311 KB
More of the cathedral ruins from where the high altar would have been.

254 KB
A view of the castle ruins looking northwest from the cathedral ruins.

368 KB
The border between Scotland and England (on the east coast) as marked by the two flags.


3D Animated Flags--By

Ken Fraza's photosJim Courtwright's photos

443 KB
The beautiful gardens and large waterfall at Alnwick Castle Gardens.

314 KB
Front view of Alnwick Castle, inhabited continuously by the Percy family since the 13th century.

309 KB
Another view of Alnwick Castle.
A partial list of the films that have been shot at Alnwick (pronounced "Annick") Castle
      Becket starring Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole
    Mary Queen of Scots starring Vanessa Redgrave
    Ivanhoe starring Anthony Andrews and Sam Neil
    Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves starring Kevin Costner
    Elizabeth starring Cate Blanchett and Joseph Fiennes
    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
    Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

302 KB
The Inner Bailey (courtyard) view of Alnwick Castle looking towards Record Tower (center) and the Constable's Tower (extreme left).

310 KB
The Outer Bailey (where the regimental band parades and performs) looking towards the main gate.

296 KB
The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers practice in the Outer Bailey (courtyard).

356 KB
The central core of the castle housing the State Rooms.
The chapel is the portion with the white roof.

324 KB
The Fusiliers practice lining up in straight rows.

306 KB
An Army photographer takes a digital photo of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers.

330 KB
Another exterior view of the State Rooms with the white roofed chapel and the Library to it's left.

324 KB
A Fusilier has his photo taken in front of the Knight Harry Hotspur statue just outside the stables.

332 KB
Ken standing outside Alnwick Castle on the way to the gardens.

384 KB
One of the many delightful animated water fountains that children enjoy in the garden.

353 KB
The same fountain, but in a different mode. Children try to out-guess when it will change modes and drench them with water!

314 KB
A fountain the shape of a large champagne glass.

394 KB
A large "C" shaped fountain.

338 KB
Malcomb and his coach waiting for us just outside the Alnwick Gardens.

Ken Fraza's photosJim Courtwright's photos

354 KB
The Shambles street in the oldest part of York.
Jorvik Viking Centre

337 KB
A view of the York Minster (cathedral) from the Roman wall that encompasses the oldest part of York.

345 KB
The front view of York Minster.

352 KB
Inside the nave of York Minster.

392 KB
Another view of York Minster's interior.

401 KB
Another view of York Minster's interior.

401 KB
A view from the choir stalls forward towards the high altar in York Minster.

382 KB
While we were there the choir and organist rehearsed for a funeral to be held in York Minster that afternoon.

374 KB
The outside of our ultra-contemporary Quality Hotel.
Note the old Roman gatehouse in the distance.

226 KB
The inside of St. Columba's with New Lendal United Reformed Church in York where we performed one of our long concerts.
The handbell choir is practicing.

269 KB
The choir in performance.
(Photos taken with my camera by Jim Courtwright.)

233 KB
A view of our choir from the church's balcony.

282 KB
Anothe view from the balcony showing Martha Stoner speaking to the audience.

266 KB
Soloist Marilyn Minor in "City Called Heaven".

253 KB
Martha Stoner acknowledging Martha Brown at the piano.

191 KB
As we drove south from York, our coach driver Malcomb pointed out three power stations within sight of each other. These two were right next to each other.

Ken Fraza's photosJim Courtwright's photos

437 KB
Our first view of Anne Hathaway's cottage.
Note the flowers in front.

400 KB
Another view of the front of the Hathaway cottage.

444 KB
The view of the front garden as we exited the cottage tour.

514 KB
Looking straight ahead from the cottage towards the front garden.

447 KB
A look back towards the cottage.

282 KB
The Royal Shakespeare Theatre along the banks of the Avon River.

365 KB
The Swan Theatre to the south of the RSC.

305 KB
Here is a close-up view of one of the towers that make up The Swan Theatre.

293 KB
The River Avon immediately behind the Royal Shakespeare and The Swan Theatres.
Note the swans and the very long, thin, canal boat.

232 KB
Another view of the River Avon near a bridge by the downtown district.

323 KB
The outside of Shakespeare's home. The left portion was used as a tavern for a short period of time.

269 KB
During the detailed tour of the home, we saw this mock-up of a writing desk, perhaps where he wrote plays.

302 KB
A view of the back of the house and its gardens.

337 KB
Another view of the back of Shakespeare's home.

324 KB
A view from the southeast looking at the front of Shakespeare's home.
During his boyhood, his father used the southeast corner of the house for his glove making & selling business.

Ken Fraza's photosJim Courtwright's photos
Oxford Virtual tour

299 KB
The outside of the Divinity School within the Bodleian Library at Oxford University.

297 KB
Inside the same chapel. Note the highly intricate ceiling.

337 KB
A photo looking straight up at the same detailed ceiling.

289 KB
The profile of this building is widely recognized as the home of the Oxford University Press.

316 KB
At Hertford College is a "Bridge of Sighs" (similar to the one in Venice, Italy) that links the Old Quad to the New Quad.

Ken Fraza's photosJim Courtwright's photos

310 KB
Ken standing outside St. Paul's Cathedral on the southeast corner.
Note the scaffolding for the exterior cleaning of the cathedral.

171 KB
The classic view of Britain's Parliament building with the clock tower. The clock itself is called Big Ben.

234 KB
From Westminster Bridge, this is the view of the Old County Hall and the London Eye, built for the Millenium celebration by British Airways.

202 KB
Another view of the London Eye from the side. Each gondola holds 10 to 20 people fo the thirty minute ride.

276 KB
Outside Whitehall and Defence Department is a mounted horse guard. Tourists enjoy having their picture taken here, just blocks from Parliament and No. 10 Downing Street.

164 KB
Famous Trafalgar Square, the center of modern London. Directly south (behind the photographer) is Whitehall where all the main government buildings are and further south, Parliament Square.

221 KB
The daily changing of the guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

372 KB
The Logansport Children's Choir performing at Victoria Embankment Gardens on the north bank of the Thames River.

358 KB
Ken outside the Cabinet War Rooms in a bunker under one of the government buildings just one block south of No. 10 Downing Street.

211 KB
A side view of the choir while singing at Southwark Cathedral on the south bank of the Thames River.

372 KB
A front view of the choir while singing at Southwark Cathedral on the south bank of the Thames River.

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